The Conscious Masochist

Welcome to the course library, any future courses brought to you by TCM will be found here. For now, welcome to The Art of Conscious Masochism.

TAOCM is an immersive metamorphosis, a journey into the dark spaces within your heart and mind to uncover the roots of your unconscious/unhealthy masochistic tendencies, so you can reimagine your relationship with your inner masochist. This process is self-paced but has an 8 week structure that can be followed if you prefer it.

"After exploring Conscious Masochism I have been thinking of pain so differently. Reframing things to ask myself is this a "I consensually asked for this" sort of pain, a "progress is pain", or an "unnecessary" sort of pain. Thinking this way has been super beneficial and empowering. I feel stronger personally."

- Sarah V.

Hi, I’m Rachel

My mission with writing about masochism as I see and feel it (now... after 15+ years of struggling with dangerous and unconscious masochism, self-destruction and self-harm) is to bring clarity, tenderness, understanding and safety to the energetic essence of masochism.

To bring awareness to the gifts, purpose and light it can bear, despite being shrouded in so much darkness. To be an advocate for deeper healing, greater self-acceptance and unconditional love for both those recovering from or embracing their masochism.

I'm the author of the eBook, Conscious Masochism: Releasing our Addiction to Suffering and Embracing Our Darkness for Healing, and I offer astrological birth chart readings to interpreting your sadomasochistic blueprint through the clues within your chart, called Starkissed S&M blueprint readings.

Thanks for being a part of this conversation with me, if you're not already, come join our community on Instagram @theconsciousmasochist